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Shot at Pelican Bay Max Security Prison

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Watch the short film above, and read the information provided below on why this project is critical to the success of our society.


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Hustle 2.0


Hustle 2.0

The SS’s first project is with Hustle 2.0 – an organization that is committed to tackling one of society’s biggest systemic challenges. They are taking prison rehabilitation to a whole new level by healing the centuries-old issue from the inside out.

The SS’s first project is with Hustle 2.0 – an organization that is committed to tackling one of society’s biggest systemic challenges. They are taking prison rehabilitation to a whole new level by healing the centuries-old issue from the inside out.

Hustle 2.0 offers subscription-based education programs to prison/jail systems, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations that equip incarcerated people with the support and tools to transform their lives-through personal development, emotional intelligence and entrepreneurship training.

Hustle 2.0 has created a curriculum that supports incarcerated people to become motivated, engaged, and confident and helps corrections systems reduce disciplinary incidents, violence, and recidivism. 

why it matters

The Ripple Effect

The ripple effect of the training HUSTLE 2.0 provides reaches far beyond just Entrepreneurship, Personal Development and Emotional Intelligence.

Not only does Hustle 2.0 help end the cycle of incarceration through providing these men with the tools they need to be productive members of society after their release, but it’s also helps empower them to activate their own innate leadership and influence within their communities (both during and after their release)—changing the overall culture of violence and crime in our neighborhoods.

This leadership is demonstrated in Silverio Strong, the focus of our film, who has not only gone on to start his own legal enterprise, but is also a pillar in his community—standing for men to see past a life of gangs, violence, and crime to choose a life of true independence through entrepreneurship, and most importantly tap into the personal freedom that’s possible through forgiveness and emotional intelligence.


What inspired The Sister Society to support HUSTLE 2.0 was its commitment to leadership, empowerment, and authentic transformation that was witnessed by two of the founders (Alexi + Emily) on an initial volunteer trip.

They were deeply moved by the experience as a whole, but what left the biggest impression on them was the openness, freedom and love they experienced from the incarcerated men they had the privilege of working with during that trip.

They knew they wanted to support further, as this mission was literally disrupting the cycle of imprisonment by breathing life back into these men…and showing them there is another way. Not only were they deeply humbled and inspired by this experience, but they felt their own transformation from the intimate connections they made during this experience.

The Sister Society invited other leaders to join them with Hustle 2.0 on a trip to Pelican Bay – a maximum-security prison in Northern California. The entire trip was captured in a heart-tugging documentary short that showcases some of the compelling work, and personal stories, of some of the “mavericks” in this program.

The film takes the viewer on a journey with some of the men who have been enrolled in Hustle 2.0’s programs and provides a perspective that shows what’s possible through forgiveness, empowerment, and education.

Meet our Director: Kelly Gardner

Kelly Gardner

Filmmaker & Humanitarian

This film would not be possible without the love and creative genius of our amazing friend and fellow advocate for human dignity Kelly Gardner.

Kelly lives in Venice Beach CA where consciousness and creativity collide. Husband to a modern medicine woman and father to two wild boys are his primary occupations. Clarifying and amplifying communications that bring humanity into alignment with our highest truths is his primary passion.

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Kelly discovered the power of art as an effective tool for social change while performing in an improvisation troop nearly twenty years ago and has been on a journey to amplify the impact of purposeful storytelling ever sense. 15 years ago he moved to Los Angeles to begin his journey as a filmmaker but instead found himself starting a family and taking a role as a film teacher rather than creator.

This film marks for Kelly not just a return to his craft but also a perfect opportunity to bring all of the experiences he has had over the last decade together in one film. From his work with inner city youth, to his leadership roles in men’s groups, and his experience as a father and husband; all of which came together to provide a unique lens with which to see and connect with the subjects of this film on a deeper level. Kelly intends to continue developing this story into a feature length project that asks questions about the role that adolescent trauma and group identification play in the formation of a “criminal mindset.”

A special thank you to Sister society, Hustle 2.0, Silverio Strong, the Maverics of Pelican Bay, and all of the volunteers with the Pelican Bay Volunteer Association for the support and opportunity to tell this story.

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